Michael Gregory

Founder/ Owner



My name is Michael Gregory and I own Building Confidence. Building Confidence was first licensed in 1993 on the island of Kauai, where I lived for seventeen years.

Kauai was destroyed by a force five hurricane where we were able to see first hand the benefits of building correctly. Prior to the storm, Building Confidence had built 27 homes on the island, and all of them withstood the storm. Houses on both sides of our homes were leveled down to the slab. It was our first real experience with what the elements can do to building structures.

Building Confidence moved back to Arizona in 1997. Family health reasons dictated that we move back to where I was born, raised, went to Brophy College Prep and then to NAU.

In Hawaii, our primary concerns were building new custom home from start to finish.

In Arizona we have pursued a slightly different niche than in Hawaii, that being high end remodel

In 2004 we made the cover and feature article in Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine for a remodel that encompassed the majority of the home. This has reinforced that we are pursuing the right direction. This doesn’t mean that we are limited to only remodel. We cover everything residential with the exception of handyman work.

We strive to build our clients a home that will meet their lifestyle and financial needs. Our objective is to create a home that meets and exceeds expectations.