Our Process

Owners and Contractors share a common goal in a successful relationship; they both want to be treated fairly.

Our Six Step Process For Success!

Owners want to know what they are getting and for how much. Contractors want to provide this information with the hopes of getting the contract for construction. The problem lies in the fact most think that Contractors punch a few numbers in the computer, and the total reveals itself. This is incorrect.
It takes the Contractor a lot of time to produce an exact quote for construction. After completing the quote, chances are that we find that the quote is higher than the owner wanted to spend.

What this means is:

  1. We still don’t have a budget that is acceptable,
  2. Both parties feel they have spent too much of their time with no positive results.
  3. Both partied are challenges as to where to go from here.

We have devised a system that allows both parties to arrive upon an estimated budget without cost to the owner. If the budget is too high, we now have factual tools to reduce it realistically.

1. Initial Meeting

I will come out to your project site and discuss your intentions. Whether you have plans or not, I will take pictures, measurements and notes. I will ask as many questions that I can think of to clarify my understanding of your undertaking.

2. Estimate of Cost Without Owner Making Exact Choices

With the information that I have gathered above I will assemble a complete budget. We break all projects down into fifty categories (drywall, stucco, etc.) and provide a line item cost for each. In order for an estimate to become an exact quote, choices need be made by the owners. Examples are plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, window type, roof type, and many others. What I can’t confirm with observation or discussion, or specifications provided, I will make an educated guess, stating the type of material considered. The intent of this estimate is to determine if the projected budget is within the owner’s budget. If not, you have all of the information to modify the numbers to make it within your budget.

3. Continue Or Not

With all costs considered and a total price provided to the owners, the owners have the ability to decide if they would like to continue using the services of Building Confidence.  At this stage, we require a refundable deposit to provide for our costs in working with the owners, to achieve an exact quote for construction. Lists will be provided to the owners of the choices required in addition to a list of preferred vendors to help make these decisions. If meeting with sub contractors is required to clarify the owner’s desires that will be included.

4. Exact Proposal Including Specific Choices

When the exact quote is decided upon, the owners have the choice to commence or not. If the owners decide NOT to go ahead with the project, for any reason, or choose to use another builder to construct their project, then Building Confidence will retain the deposit.
If the project is awarded to Building Confidence then the deposit will be considered a credit toward the project.

5. Contract Between Owner And Contractor To Preform The Work Specified

At this stage we have all the tools to sign a contract for construction including all specifics. This will include a start date for project commencement.

6. Change Orders

Changes, once construction begins, can be a challenge. Changes are dealt with, with a specific procedure to provide that all parties are treated fairly, and any challenges are minimized.


To me, having experience with Building Confidence, no matter what the price is worth it!

Susan V.

Mike’s personality is professional and courteous. He possesses an expansive knowledge of construction and problem solving abilities that impressed me. Thank you for making our room addition just the way we wanted it.

Liz and Gee

Michael built my kitchen and it’s beautiful. I can honestly say he never flinched on quality and stayed until everything was just the way I wanted it. I learned to trust him and trust is not easy; it has to be earned. Michael earned my trust and I recommend him and his company for any home building needs. Just great

Stephen P.

I recommend Building Confidence VERY HIGHLY. They are Top Notch in my book

Robert C.